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Club of the breed is working under the patronage of ZKwP(Polish Kennel Club).
There are clubs with the nominated committees. Club-Commission of Newfoundland and Rottweilerstarted in 1986 with the president of the club-Henryk Jurek, judge and great fan of those two, such a different breeds. In the moment of became electing club of rottweiler newfoundlnds were joined to Molossian Club-Commission with the President Jan Gajewski. As we said-there are also breed clubs with electing committees in Poland. So, on ones'sown initiative of a group of breeders Klub Nowofundlanda ZKwP (Polish Newfoundland Club) became. The date of registration is May 4th 2007. In 2007-2013 president of the Newfoundland Club was Mrs. M. Sc Anna Nalazek.

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aaaNewfoundland dog-there are a big, longhaired, strongboned dog. He is a best swimmer from all the breeds. He is using as a water-rescuer all over the world. He is very carrying dog .
He is perfect 'nanny' for children. He is NOT dominant to people. He hates to be alone and therefore he CAN'T live in kennel-box. He SHOULD to be with people all the time. He CAN live in apartment because of his kind and gently personality and great love to human.
Logo Klubu Nowofundlanda
Logo of the Club was made by Mrs. Marta Kowalska-Czoch.

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